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We Simplify Coaching

Let us take care of everything else.

How We Simplified Coaching

Traditional Online Coaching

We know it has been way too complicated. If you want to sell fitness plans online, you traditionally needed a website, hosting, payment system, software license and then take care of administration in terms of tax reports, customer support and accounting. We asked ourselves, how can we ease this pain for coaches?

Boosterway Coaching

You don't need your own website, payment system, coaching software, administration, customer support, and not even your own business! Boosterway will take care of everything so you can stay focused on coaching - and get paid.

How It Works

Start coaching

Start by registering a profile at Boosterway and fill in our application form. Once you've been approved, you can start the creation of your first fitness plan and choose your price. It will be visible on Boosterway's marketplace and available worldwide.

Enjoy the freedom

Once you've uploaded a fitness plan, it will be available publically as long as you want. You can follow your sales statistics and receive a payout once a month. Sell one fitness plan, or three, or ten? It's up to you. We call it freedom and passive income once it's uploaded.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a coach, what does it cost me?

It's totally free to sign up and use our system. There is no monthly or annual fee to use our sales platform, however we charge 30% on total sales. What you get in return:

- Ability to sell training online with no startup or fixed costs.
- Opportunity to sell training online without proprietorship or limited company.
- A coach profile and online presence at Boosterway's marketplace.
- The coach's customers can access the training plan directly in Boosterway's iPhone and Android app.
- We take care of administration, payments, payouts and refunds.
- We take care of international tax implications and provide sales reports available to download.
- Boosterway re-invests money to promote the marketplace and coaches.
- We provide customer support.

In which countries is Boosterway's services available?

To register coaching services with Boosterway, you must have a bank account in one of the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States. However, the customers who purchase the fitness plans by coaches can be based globally. We accept payments in more than 135 currencies.

Who can start coaching?

Boosterway is available to any coach, sport and experience level. When your coach application is accepted by us you will be able to summarise yourself in your public description (information, expertise and coaching experience). From a training or sports science perspective we will not dispute a coach's uploaded fitness plan, since Boosterway's primary objective is to provide a technical platform that connects people. In order to increase the quality of coaches, customers rate all fitness plans after use.

How do I interact with clients?

Boosterway is a marketplace of fitness plans created by coaches around the world. As a coach, you do not need to interact with the end-user. Once you have created the plan it will enable passive income for you. However, if we get considerable feedback from the end-users we might ask you to address existing issues in your fitness plan.

An optional feature is being developed to allow interaction between the coach and end-user.

How much can I earn?

There is no maximum limit of how much you can earn. You will increase sales by creating an interesting fitness plan, or even several plans to attract a wider audience. People can find you on our marketplace, but we encourage you to promote your Boosterway account in other channels to extend your reach. You can link your coach profile to existing social media accounts where you already have your loyal followers.

I already sell training online. Can I still sign up at Boosterway?

Yes, of course. You might already have your own website selling fitness plans but it does not stop you from selling here as well. Our goal is to let the coach earn more money through Boosterway and meanwhile improve the user experience for its customers.